yes thanks

Sometimes the Universe throws you awesome shit. Sometimes the Universe throws you shit shit. Either way, you gotta first accept it, and then show gratitude.

Just say, "yes, thanks".

Welcome to the place where you can high-five your cosmic health and find products that help you connect to both your inner self, as well as the greater cosmos.

Portrait by  Aubrey Janelle

Portrait by Aubrey Janelle

MEET the maker

Hello there, you magical being! 

I'm Zoe and I am so thrilled you've fatefully found your way to Yes Thanks. Here I offer you goods that I’ve designed and that I am so freaking excited to share with you. 

I grew up being an art kid in Southern California, constantly creating things and running around looking for fairies. As I progressed with study, I moved between photography, advertising, sculpture, metalsmithing, and creative direction. Here I am now backing it up to what I did as a kid- making products that involve the hunt to hook up with magick. 

.   .   .


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